Septic Supplies

Marlboro Supply is a full line distributor of Infilitrator products which includes multiple Septic System and water management solutions. The moment the sludge exits your house, Marlboro Supply has the solutions to carry it. From the Schedule 40 pipe carrying it to your tank, to the alarm system letting you know when trouble is on its way, to the final stop of the drainfield. Always remember to consult a licensed septic installer.

Septic Tanks & Risers:
540 Gallon
1060 Gal – 1 Compartment
1060 Gal – 2 Compartment
1530 Gal – 2 Compartment
Risers: 6″ and 12″ risers (Tuf-Tite Brand)

Potable Water Tanks
multiple sizes availble for order

Septic Tanks

Septic Chambers:
Standard 15″ Infilitrator Chamber)
24″ Low Pro Chamber
36″ Low Pro Chamber
Caps for all sizes available
All come in 4′ sections

EZflow Drainfiled Pipe:
Standard 12″ Wide EZflow with 12″ wide blanks
802: 8″ wide with one pipe and one blank
803: 8″ wide with one pipe and two blanks

ATL Septic Drainpipe
12″ wide pipe available in
10′ lengths and 5′ lengths

This drain field pipe is very similar to EZ Flow with peanuts wrapping the pipe but you need less linear feet to meet the demand of you system. These systems need to be designed so please contact a licensed contractor.

Plastic Distribution Boxes:
– 16″ x 16″ Distribution boxes – Tuf-Tite
– 11″ x 11″ Distribution Boxes – Tuf-Tite
– 9″ x 9″ Distribution Boxes – Tuf-Tite
– 20″ round Polylok Basins
– Available with Grate or Solid Lid
– 6″ Risers available in Tuf-Tite
– 6″ and 12″¬†available in Polylok
– Available with Grate or Solid Lid
– Accepts 4″ pipe in Tuf-Tite
– Accepts 4″ and 6″ pipe in Polylok

EZ Flow Pipe


We offer the Barns line of sump pumps with the availability to order other pumps such as grinder pumps.

We stock the following standard sump pumps:
1/3 HP Vertical Float Pump
1/3 HP Mechanical Float Pump
1/2 HP Vertical Float Pump
1/2 HP Mechanical Float Pump
3/4 HP Vertical Float Pump

We also carry outdoor and indoor alarm systems to alert you when you are having a problem with your pumps not working in your tank.